Choosing the Right Corporate Jacket

Published: 14/07/2015 Times Read: 2721 Comments: 0

The corporate apparel that you choose sends a message about your company and brings your corporate identity to life. These days even small businesses are considering corporate uniforms to help cultivate public awareness of their brand.

Corporate jackets are a popular uniform choice for their all-round versatility but even more so as we come into winter for their warmth and weatherproof attributes.

There are many specifications to consider before you purchase a corporate jacket, including your staff needs, the industry your company is involved in and what colours, fabrics and designs will best serve your needs and represent your business.

Ultimately, you want your jacket to be comfortable, durable and appropriate to the type of daily tasks you and your staff are undertaking.

ApparelPro offer an extensive range of quality corporate jackets to suit your business needs and the statement you want to make, from brightly coloured lightweight rain jackets for your corporate sports team to seam-sealed, fully waterproof jackets for staff who need real protection from the elements.

If staying warm is the primary concern, ApparelPro have smart fleece lined wind- and shower-proof business jackets and vests such as their Summit range in men's and women's styles.

The Ranch, a cotton canvas, fleece lined jacket and the Stockman, a 3/4 length overcoat provide a functional, smart casual look perfect for the agricultural sector.

For businesses for whom a smart office style is paramount, ApparelPro offer fitted corporate softshell, longline and wool blend tailored jackets for both men and women.

Corporate uniforms are the face of the company and a long-term investment that develops your presence in the business world. The team at ApparelPro would be happy to help you choose the right corporate jacket for your business. 


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