The Biz Collection Story

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Biz Collection is an in-house brand of New Zealand company Fashion Biz.

This manufacturer and wholesaler of corporate uniforms, team apparel and promotional clothing was first established in Auckland in 1989. Just nine years later, Biz Collection was introduced to Australia, with a distribution centre set up in downtown Sydney and then Melbourne not long after. Its total warehouse capacity in all three major cities is 23,000m2.

In 2010 Biz Collection ventured into the northern hemisphere market, setting up distribution in Canada. In 2012, it partnered up with AMROD to become South Africa's leading wholesaler of promotional products.

Biz Collection is committed to providing coordinated apparel with a variety of styles to suit multiple business and team applications. It supplies blank branding-ready clothing to thousands of businesses, schools and organisations every year.


The branding philosophy behind Biz Collection is 'what goes around comes around'. It is confident that by supplying consistently quality corporate and team clothing and uniforms and providing exceptional customer service, that customers will continue to return, allowing Biz Collection to re-invest monies into bettering its people and products and of course service to its customers.

Customer Feedback

Biz Collection makes a concerted effort to continually talk to its customers to help ensure that it is always in a position to learn and improve on all aspects of its business operation. Much of the feedback provided by customers helps inspire some of Biz Collection's best ideas, including garment design and all matters relating to customer service.

The Logo

The Biz Collection logo features a 'collar' symbol, which was inspired by the shape of a polo shirt collar. This symbolizes the launching of the brand when Biz Collection first started manufacturing its range of polo shirts almost 25 years ago.

Product Range

Biz Collection continues to develop its range of apparel to ensure its strong foot hold on the market. Currently it offers one of the largest ranges of corporate tees, work polo shirts, business jackets, sports team uniforms, corporate shirts and medical uniforms. ApparelPro is New Zealand's largest supplier of Biz Collection apparel to the public.


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