Work Uniforms for Colder Months Ahead

Published: 14/07/2015 Times Read: 3247 Comments: 0

There's a southerly front heading up the country. After a long dry summer, temperatures are beginning to drop, we've seen some rain across the country and the clocks have been turned back. Winter is on its way.

You want your staff to be comfortable and safe so it's time to think about upgrading your work uniforms for the cool months ahead.

In winter, wearing multiple layers is the best way to achieve a high level of insulation. Layers also mean you can regulate your heat more efficiently. 

However, company logos can often get hidden behind winter layers, defeating one of the key benefits of having them. Providing your staff with branded corporate jackets means they'll continue to advertise your brand wherever they go, even when heading out into a bitter winter's day.

Providing quality, yet affordable work uniforms provides an effective means to keeping your employees warm, safe and productive. ApparelPro have a huge range of winter work uniforms to choose from. They carry everything from smart soft shell and wool blend corporate jackets to business rainwear, casual rainwear, knitwear and poly fleece in a variety of sizes and colours. They also offer printing and embroidery services so you can make your brand more visible.


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